My Morning Routine

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Day Breaks

Light leaking through my blinds like an autumn rain wakes me from my slumber. Aching from my gym workout two days ago, I roll out of bed and into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of Starbucks’ Holiday Blend coffee (which is delicious as a pour-over if you are a coffee connoisseur like moi). Sipping my coffee laced with peppermint mocha creamer, I start my daily twenty minutes of Duolingo to practice my Chinese, Spanish, and Hawaiian, attempting to grasp at what little I have left of my cultural heritage. I tell myself that I should include some global news to my morning routine, but know that I probably never will.

The world painted by news outlets is never one I’m keen on consuming. Call it living in ignorance or delusion if you want, but I know I am much happier because of it. Instead, I spend my morning reading Machiavelli, Orwell, and Morrison, and learning about the different perspectives that exist in this world, rather than just the horrors that are a result of a few.

Calm down. Just breathe.

A daily reminder from Z.

Time Takes

After two cups of joe, I brush my teeth to minimize the strength of my coffee breath and begin my morning stretches. Doing this reminds me to read my tattoo more often: “Calm down. Just breathe.” When I get frustrated over how much editing I still have yet to do or lose my cool over a heated conversation, I think back to the moments when I am happiest: reading, writing, and stretching. In those moments, I am just focused on the matter at hand and my breath. In every other second of my life, I look back at these moments, look down at my tattoo, and look toward the future, getting excited at the thought of all the moments I have yet to create.

Once I realign my mind and body so that they can work together in harmony, I go about continuing my life’s work: creating and curating beauty and kindness with what little time I have left in this world.

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