I Used AI To Write This Blog Post, And The Results May Surprise You

The fact that I had moments of uncertainty of whether something was written by AI or not makes me a little sad. I thought I could easily tell the difference. However, I too lack the fear of the extinction of writers. I think some may profit off it as you do, or some will remain purists to the art. Either way, technology that streamlines anything can easily become mainstream, so it’s better to flow with the tide rather than fighting the current. Great post!

Your Friendly Malaysian Writer

A cyberpunk robot in a city

Artificial intelligence is changing everything, from how we perceive the world to the way we get our lunch. In this episode, we’ll explore just how well AI can write, and what that means for us as writers. Think I wrote this intro? Think again.

I’m actually worried about my future. In fact, by actually using AI to write this post, I’m effectively watching my own career’s downfall because if you can’t tell which parts of this articles were written by a robot and which were written by me, then you should be afraid too.

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