This is Known.

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Soft, warm nearly ethereal
Just a few inches from the heart
Unable to be pulled apart

More than something to feel
Fears spoken into the void
Absorbed by the everlasting
Created and destroyed
as often as waves crashing

Lightness turned to heavinessStrength to weakness
Vulnerability doubled
Terrified of what's to come
of what has already been

Memories of pain and heartache flood
Reminders of everything avoided
Refusal to accept the hurt
only makes things harder.

Deciding to not be like them
Anger, abuse, and fear-mongering 
are no longer of this realm
or so it seems.
Refusal to accept the hurt
only makes things harder.
This is known.

Throwing a veil over the mirror
does not stop it from reflecting.
Turning away from it or casting shadows in its direction
only makes it harder to see the truth
that you are your parents' child.
This is known.

You possess the same anger and proclivity for abuse,
whether you want to believe it or not.
You also possess the same proclivity for fun and happiness,
whether you realize where it comes from or not.
Much of who you are comes from within,
but it also comes from them.

See that
Feel that
Live that Truth
and I promise
that their lives will be better off for it.
They cannot live their best lives if you're still living your worst.
This is known.

© 2021 Writings by Z

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